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Self Storage for Sheffield Students from MCR Self Storage

There aren’t many things that The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam students agree on – but one thing every student in South Yorkshire knows is that finding somewhere safe and secure to keep your belongings during holidays is more difficult than it needs to be.

First there’s finding a self storage centre within easy reach, then you need to get a van, then the van needs to be loaded, driven and unloaded, then you need to load your storage unit, then return the van…

Oh, and look forward to doing that all in reverse at the start of next term. Surely there’s a better way?

There is. Mobile self storage for students. We bring a boxes to you, you pack at your flat or student halls, and then we take the boxes and any additional items to our storage centre until you need it redelivering. Quick, simple and without the added expense of vehicle hire.


Packing Boxes:  We deliver boxes to you measuring 57cm x46cm x 36cm. Fill the boxes, load we'll load them into our vehicle, then let us do the rest.

Security: All the items coming into storage are databased. Our storage centre contains CCTV and alarm systems to keep your items safe.

Collection & Delivery: No need for vehicle hire. We collect your items, we deliver your items. You won’t need to move further than your doorway.

Shipping: If you’re moving on from Sheffield, we’ll use our courier contacts to deliver your items anywhere in the world.

See How It Works

Mobile self storage for students is quick, easy and affordable. See how it works in this video.

Affordable Mobile Storage for Students at The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam.

Proud to be serving students from The University of Sheffield & Sheffield Hallam University

Packing Boxes

Our student storage boxes are 57cm x 46cm x 36cm which is an ideal size to pack your belongings without making the overall weight too heavy to lift. They are double-walled for strength and durability.

Collection & Delivery

One of the main features of using The MCR Self Storage Company is you do not have to organise transport for your items. We'll deliver boxes, collect your items once loaded and store them for you.


Our storage facilities are monitored by CCTV and monitoring alarm systems. Access to your belongings whilst in store in completely free of charge during our opening hours.

Shipping Services

For students looking to carry on their studies in a different city, once you have used our storage service we can deliver you boxes back to any city in the World. Just contact us and tell us where to deliver.

Watch Our Video

View our student storage promo video to see exactly how we serve our customers in Sheffield.